About Us

We are the type of Health and Safety consultants who are really culture change agents. We partner with our clients to embed or strengthen a culture of Health and Safety within the workplace so that it becomes a solid part of the organisation culture and is ingrained in the business with the confidence of employees.

Our team have over 30 years’ experience in workplace health and safety and risk management. A number of our team are also volunteer New Zealand Fire Service Fire Fighters with hands on experience in Fire Safety Management, Emergency Management and are medical co-responders.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy of being all about people is totally what it’s all about. We care about your people getting home to their families at the end of the day. We care that they can keep doing the things they love. And we care that you have the right tools in your particular business to make this all possible.


How we work

All About People are dedicated to working alongside clients who themselves are committed to undertaking best practice solutions for their organisational Health and Safety.

Our Clients Recognise:

✓ Their number one goal for Health and Safety is about getting their team home safely at the end of the day

✓ Success stories come out of a cultural approach to Health and Safety
✓ They are enthusiastic about driving organisation-wide initiatives for Health and Safety
✓ That meeting the legislative requirements is a by-product of the Health and Safety process not the driver
✓ Commitment from ‘the top’ is critical to success
✓ Health and Safety is a Core Business Function and they have an allocated budget for Health and Safety
✓ Investment of time and resource in a strong and robust Health and Safety Management system, processes and procedures is an absolute must


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5 Quick Questions to ask your Health and Safety Specialist

You should do your homework and check that the Health and Safety Specialist you are considering is right for the job and the right for you and your organisation.

We answer the HASANZ recommended 5 Quick Questions…

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