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If it’s flooded, forget it

New Zealand has a varied climate and weather conditions throughout the year and even within a day. Although landscape is stunning New Zealand is prone to many natural events including lots of rain. How else does this country stay so green? Previously we, at All About...

The Big 3 – Why not praise people for behaving safely?

It is a fact that most people tend to respond more to praise and social approval than any other factor. Think if you will, of people smoking their first cigarette.

Health and Safety Words of Wisdom – Principle 01

One of the cornerstones of Health and Safety is Engagement. Engagement with your People, your Suppliers, Contractors and Clients.

C’Mon Keep it Green

If you’ve driven anywhere in New Zealand in the last few weeks, you will have noticed how dry the country is at the moment. Road verges are tinder dry, paddocks are parched, and around the country there are fire restrictions in place.

Contractor Prequalification – What does this mean?

Did you know there is more than one provider who has an online system for pre-qualifiying contractor? Generally, clients run their own in-house Health and Safety pre-qualification scheme which is time consuming and can impact on their other core business requirements....

Why use your Health and Safety in your Marketing Material

You have a marketing plan. And you have a great Health and Safety system. Your team knows about it (and hopefully embrace it as part of their job descriptions). Your clients may know you practice great health and safety and have experienced the benefits. But do your...

Does safety saturation create stupidity?

The other day I was asked about whether I think too much safety creates a stupid or inept workforce. The individual I was speaking to was referencing the amount of health and safety material and processes they are expected to follow. 

Why not punish people until they behave safely?

Some approaches to safety management are heavily reliant on the use of authority, fear and punishment (i.e. if you do not behave in a safe manner at work you could be reprimanded, fined or even dismissed).

Wise words for Water Safety

In a country surrounded by ocean and dotted with lakes and rivers, it is not surprising that Kiwis have a love affair with the water.  What perhaps may be a surprise is that drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury which results in death in New Zealand.

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