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Two years ago I was asked to join the All About People team. I was pretty familiar with this business which has been providing expertise in the Health and Safety industry for 15 years. My work history is made up of companies who made a difference in customer experience. From a top hotel featured in a respected book about customer excellence, to a couple of airlines who changed the face of the airline travel experience or won awards. Other employers all had similar philosophies including my own businesses and those customer care attitudes are at the top of my list when considering a position.

All About People fit my criteria and after two years this has not waned. The care goes well beyond customers as we, as a team, are very well cared for, respected, supported and to be honest, feel the love. Whenever anyone has a life-changing personal challenge or a success, everyone jumps on board to be there.

I believe these qualities aren’t taught. They are a natural way of conducting oneself. And when you have a whole team of people like this it’s pretty special, especially when the business is also about keeping other people safe and healthy. If we do drop the ball, and let’s be honest, it does happen occasionally, everyone wants to fix it right away and fill the gaps so that same thing doesn’t happen again to another client.

All About People really are dedicated to working alongside clients who themselves are committed to undertaking best practice solutions for their organisational Health and Safety. They keep it real and relevant. They also dispel the many myths around the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. It’s not about compliance; it is actually, all about the people.

All About People clients recognise:

  • Their number one goal for Health and Safety is about getting their team home safely at the end of the day.
  • Success stories come out of a cultural approach to Health and Safety.
  • They are enthusiastic about driving organisation-wide initiatives for Health and Safety.
  • That meeting the legislative requirements is a by-product of the Health and Safety process not the driver.
  • Commitment from ‘the top’ is critical to success.
  • Health and Safety is a Core Business Function and they have an allocated budget for Health and Safety.
  • Investment of time and resource in a strong and robust Health and Safety Management system, processes and procedures is an absolute must.

Factors for successful Health and Safety implementation

In order for your business to achieve successful Health and Safety outcomes key success factors are:

  • Good support from a Health and Safety specialist
  • Strong commitment and demonstrated support by business owners or manager
  • Dedicated resource responsible for implementation e.g. Project Manager / Health and Safety Administrator
  • Employees health and safety efforts are encouraged, recognised and rewarded
  • Regular communication to and from the management team
  • A user friendly and easily accessible system

How you CAN be successful

To achieve successful results for your business, you need a specialist to work closely with you and your team to carefully review your organisational health and safety objectives. These are would be in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and other Legislation/Codes of Practice and Quality Standards. Your Emergency Management objectives should also be considered along with the status of your current health and safety programme.  

Maybe you just need a tweak or two or you want to move into a cloud based system like PeopleSafe. It is important that your own company culture is considered.

You’ll need an agreed plan that provides you with the assurance that those health and safety objectives will be achieved including being on time, within budget, with consultation and with simplicity and practicality in mind.

All About People Ltd are dedicated to working with you to:

  • Remove confusion around workplace Health and Safety;
  • Deliver practical solutions;
  • Provide personal service where we work in partnership with you to develop and implement systems that are easy to use, cost effective and able to be incorporated into your business’s current processes and business practice;
  • Ensure the right fitFor each project that we undertake we partner our clients with the All About People Specialist that is best suited to each project. Best fit may be determined by their formal qualifications, industry experience, personality fit (or a mix of all three). We are happy to provide Specialist CVs for your consideration.

If my team All About People feels like a good fit for your organisation then give us a call on 0800 023 789 or email info@allaboutpeople.co.nz.

Find out more about our team here and see our answers to HASANZ’s recommended Five Quick Questions to ask a Health and Safety Consultant.

Nikki Davidson, All About People Business Development – Online Marketing

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