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John Lennon’s famous song of 1971, came from a dream of his for world peace during the height of the Vietnam War. Hearing it recently I thought about the ideology of every organisation being a workplace where people’s lives and safety are respected. Imagine that.

As we close in on two years since the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 was established, there are still too many organisations whose leaders just don’t get it. Old school tough guy attitudes live on and sadly affect those who work for them. Attitudes like “She’ll be right”, or “I’ve never had an accident in 20 years”.

This may be so but how often were there close calls and risks not assessed properly. Who’s to say in tough guy’s 21st year something serious won’t happen? And who can argue with our shocking statistics of fatalities and horrific injuries in workplaces? But with the new legislation there is now guidance.

Taking time to work together

Saying Health and Safety is just red-tape is a cop out. At All About People we take the time to work with our clients to build their health and safety culture into being a strategic part of their business. Interestingly it is those organisations who have great success commercially and financially. They are also admired, respected, and their teams are happy and confident that their employer has their back.


So, what if your employer had great imagination, or your team felt that about you? Here’s my interpretation of John Lennon’s lyrics:

Imagine there was great leadership
Imagine everyone talking about their work environment openly
Imagine robust systems and processes
Imagine risks are managed proactively
Imagine people are trained fully in their roles
Imagine equipment and gear are check and repaired regularly
Imagine good stories being told regularly
Imagine happy workers who feel safe
Imagine plans and contingencies for emergencies
Imagine everyone taking responsibility for theirs and others’ safety
Imagine having a culture where everyone is on the same page
Imagine a better bottom line

“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”

John Winston Lennon 1971

Watch his song performance on YouTube here…

If you’d like a snapshot of where your Health and Safety culture sits, take our quick online quiz. Or ask us about using Safe365 for a full organisational assessment.

Nikki Davidson, All About People Business Development Online Marketing

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