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Fire and Emergency Management

Fire and Emergency Management

Tailored and Practical Solutions

All About People provide tailored and practical Emergency Management and Fire Safety solutions to improve the health and safety of people in your workplace by providing your people with the  knowledge to respond safely and effectively in the event of an emergency.


Emergency Management

Emergency Management deals with the processes used to protect the critical assets (including people) of the organisation from unforeseen events such as earthquakes, fire and gas leaks to ensure the continuance of the organisation within its planned lifetime.

From assessing the risk of a potential emergency in the workplace, to planning how to manage an incident, All About People can advise you on the process on how to develop plans as well as provide procedures and training for your people. Our approach makes use of the 4R's of Emergency Management. What are they?


Emergency Management - Schools

Schools are an important hub in the community where our children learn and thrive and need to be protected.

From Evacuation Schemes and Warden Training to running Trial Evacuations, Lockdowns, and Earthquake Drills we work with Boards of Trustees, Senior Leadership teams and staff to develop and tailor solutions to ensure the school meets its legislative obligations and most importantly keep your people safe.


Fire Warden Training

Our training gives you an introduction to fire science, legislation, fire detection and alarms installed in your building, roles and responsibilities of Wardens, and an overview of the use of extinguishers and hose reels.

Fire Safety Management

All About People are experts in Fire Safety and Fire Risk Management. Every building must have either an Evacuation Procedure or an Evacuation Scheme. We will develop and submit Evacuation Schemes to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand on your behalf and our tailored packages can include Fire Warden Training, Trial Evacuations, Warden ID vests and more. See here for more...

Our Emergency Management Specialists will work with you to give you confidence that you have everything in place to stay safe in the event of a fire.


Continuity Planning

Recovery is a key component of Emergency Management. You want your business to return to normal operations as soon as possible after adverse conditions occur. We can help you plan for localised events such as loss of utilities, fires, theft, and vandalism, regional emergencies such as earthquakes and floods, and national disasters such as pandemics.

All About People will work with you to prepare contingencies to ensure your business resilience.


Relevant Buildings

If your building has more than 10 people working in it, more than 5 people who live in it, or more than 100 people gathering for any reason, chances are you require an Evacuation Scheme. Talk to us about a site visit to determine your needs.

Emergency Flip Chart

Customised Emergency Management Printed Material

Emergency Flip Charts and Safe Operating Procedures

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based Health and Safety Systems are just a better way of doing things. Find out more about how we deliver your solutions online.

Training your people

Training Your People

It is critically important to ensure your staff are trained and engaged with an increased awareness and enthusiasm for health and safety. NZTE funding may be available.

Safety Plans

Safety Plans

Find out more about our tailored Health and Safety Plans regardless of your organisation's size or preparedness.

Specialist Expertise Health and Safety

Specialist Expertise

Sometimes our clients need expertise outside our day to day product offerings. We are able to draw on our experience to add more value to your business.

Craig Macdonald Fire Safety Specialists

Let me help you with your Emergency Management


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