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Craig Macdonald, one of All About People’s Directors and a Senior Health & Safety Specialist, is one of the limited group of registered SafePlus Accredited Assessors who can make onsite assessments on how well your business is performing against the SafePlus performance requirements.

Craig can provide advice on how to improve with tailored recommendations. Contact us for more information.


SafePlus has been available for 2 years. It is primarily a health and safety performance improvement toolkit for businesses.

It defines what good health and safety looks like, above minimum legal compliance. This is a performance improvement initiative that is not a traditional compliance audit type product. 

SafePlus is a joint initiative developed by WorkSafe New Zealand, ACC and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

"SafePlus: Ahead of its time?"

Source: Safeguard.co.nz 

Some key quotes from the article

“I love it, really enjoyed the experience,” said one assessed business. “I believe you’re not going to change until you can change behaviours – this assessment can do that.”

"it requires a “mindset that focuses on development” rather than on compliance."

“The culture and improvement focus is good,”

"We wanted to focus more on people and culture than systems and documentation."

"gives us a clear pathway for progression of our H&S programme and culture."

"If you are genuinely looking for improved health and safety performance and keeping your people safe, then this is for you. If not, look elsewhere."

"The focus on the H&S culture of the organisation rather than forms and policies pulls the assessment into the modern era, and the clear and largely actionable recommendations have shaped our future direction."

Craig Macdonald SafePlus Assessor

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