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Self Assessment Quiz

Take our Quiz and check your Health and Safety status now

Our online quiz will give you a snapshot of the state of your organisation's Health and Safety. It will indicate where you are doing well, and where you could improve. You will receive an email with your self assessment results on completion.


Welcome to your Online Self Assessment

Name Business Name Email Phone Number

Do you discuss Health and Safety at Board/Director level?

Do you  assess/audit Health and Safety at least annually?

Do you have a Health and Safety Policy?

Do you identify and assess the risk level of hazards/risks?

Do you have suitable controls in place to manage your hazards/risks?

Do you discuss the hazards/risks and their controls with Workers?

Do you have a documented Health and Safety Induction/Training programme for Workers?

Are Workers trained and competent to do their job safely?

Do you engage proactively with Workers on their Health and Safety matters?

Do you have a designated Health and Safety Coordinator/Administrator/Manager?

Do you report, record and investigate all Incidents and Near Misses in your workplace?

Have you identified all the potential emergency situations in your business?

Have you implemented Emergency Procedures and training for those situations?

Do you have a Health and Safety Contractor Approval Process in place?

Do you induct and monitor Contractors/Sub-Contractors in Health and Safety?

Do you have the correct Personal Protective Equipment for your hazards?

Do you have First Aiders and up-to-date First Aid Kits in your workplace?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, are you happy that systems etc. are being used properly?

What would you like to see happen as a result of having professional support for Health and Safety for your business?

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