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Health and Safety Principles

Have you ever wondered what to do with your very large Health and Safety Manual?

We believe that the Manual can be distilled into 8 safety principles.  These Health and Safety Principles are the road map or touch stones within your organisation. They govern your defining actions, beliefs and interactions with others and how you integrate safety into your organisation’s procedures and culture.  They are the underpinning of your culture that can be read, understood and enacted by all.



1. Engaging with People

This first of the principles explains how to do that, how to really engage and practice what you believe while showing others the way forward.


3. Risk Management

Knowing what your risks are, how to manage them and keeping your team informed.


5. Emergencies

When emergencies occur, it is important to be prepared and have a plan of what you and your team will need to do.


7. Contractors

Keeping Contractors and your team safe is straightforward. We have developed an easy to follow flowchart and some simple forms for you to use.


2. Due Diligence

We have to have some rules to keep the ship going in the right direction and provide clear direction on who is responsible. 


4. Training and Skills

Making sure your team are trained for the job you pay them for and checking that the skills they have are up-to-date.


6. Incident Management

Reporting and managing what is happening on site has to happen and with PeopleSafe software you will be amazed at how simple it can be.


8. Plant and Equipment

It is important to manage regular checks of your equipment. Ensure all your gear, checks, certifications and audits are completed on time and never get forgotten. 

The benefits of the 8 Health and Safety Principles are:



Positively impact how the people in your organisation speak, interact and get along with each other.


Those who join your team will be inducted into your organisation, learn how you do things, become part of the culture and get up and running quickly.

The Principles assist and provide you with guidance around difficult and conflicting paths of conversation, for example, should I report something? Who do I speak to (those verbal and sometimes derailing practices that are unwritten within a culture)?

Applying these Principles is the key to improving your business.


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