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Our blog posts are published regularly and guide you through relevant Health and Safety and Fire and Emergency issues, developments and observations by our team of specialists. We share real experiences and help you improve the culture and attitudes within your own organisation.

Interview with Craig about SafePlus

All About People’s Craig Macdonald has recently been qualified as a SafePlus Accredited Assessor and will be working with New Zealand businesses to identify areas where Health and Safety is being done well, and areas where it can be improved. Here, we...

Paying attention to the details

Paying attention to all the details can be the difference between a job well done and a life changed by an avoidable injury. A friend of mine recently needed some work done at his place. A tree needed to be removed as it was getting just a little too big...


John Lennon’s famous song of 1971, came from a dream of his for world peace during the height of the Vietnam War. Hearing it recently I thought about the ideology of every organisation being a workplace where people’s lives and safety are respected....

C’Mon Keep it Green

If you’ve driven anywhere in New Zealand in the last few weeks, you will have noticed how dry the country is at the moment. Road verges are tinder dry, paddocks are parched, and around the country there are fire restrictions in place.

Contractor Prequalification – What does this mean?

Contractor Prequalification - What does this mean? Did you know there is more than one provider who has an online system for contractor prequalification? Generally, clients run their own in-house Health and Safety pre-qualification scheme which is time consuming and...

Why use your Health and Safety in your Marketing Material

Why use Health and Safety in your marketing material? You have a marketing plan. And you have a great Health and Safety system. Your team knows about it (and hopefully embrace it as part of their job descriptions). Your clients may know you practice great health and...

Does safety saturation create stupidity?

The other day I was asked about whether I think too much safety creates a stupid or inept workforce. The individual I was speaking to was referencing the amount of health and safety material and processes they are expected to follow. 

Why not punish people until they behave safely?

Some approaches to safety management are heavily reliant on the use of authority, fear and punishment (i.e. if you do not behave in a safe manner at work you could be reprimanded, fined or even dismissed).

Wise words for Water Safety

In a country surrounded by ocean and dotted with lakes and rivers, it is not surprising that Kiwis have a love affair with the water.  What perhaps may be a surprise is that drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury which results in death in New Zealand.

People save people

It’s going to take some time, time for people to realise that rules alone don’t save lives.

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