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Health & Safety Management

Making Health and Safety Simple

Many businesses find workplace health and safety overly complicated and end up avoiding it as much as possible, until something happens!!
This webinar explains health and safety in simple terms, and help you prioritise where you need to focus.

Making Health & Safety Simple.pdf

Health and Safety Leadership

As they always say, developing, improving and maintaining a good health and safety culture in your business starts at the top.

This Webinar discusses what it means to be a ‘health and safety leader’ and how that leadership can influence health and safety in your business.

Health & Safety Leadership.pdf

Worker Engagement

We often struggle to think of things to discuss at Tool Box or Employee Meetings when it comes to health and safety and end up talking about the same stuff every meeting (I can see the rolling eyes of the team from here!). This Webinar is designed to provide you with some good tools to successfully engage with your employees and contractors on a variety of different health and safety topics.

Worker Engagement.pdf

Employee Engagement

It’s all about communication!

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Incident Investigation and Reporting

Recently we have had a couple of companies approach us as a result of a serious incident. One company managed the investigation very well, the other one was struggling to know where to start, or see the value in completing one – because it was the ’employee’s fault’.

If you would like to learn the value of an investigation, and would like to know how identifying the Direct Cause, Indirect Causes, and even Contributing Causes can improve safety and how your business operates, then  this webinar is for you.

Incident Investigation & Reporting.pdf

Paper Cuts & Coffee – Safety in the Office

Are paper cuts the worst that can happen? What if we drink too much coffee? Can people really die of boredom?
All these questions and more answered in this enlightening area of health, safety and wellness that is often overlooked and understated – but just as important.

Paper Cuts & Coffee – Safety in the Office.pdf

PeopleSafe Help

Story Telling

Behind every incident is a great story!

This webinar uses a scenario to go over the importance of telling Stories by reporting them directly into PeopleSafe, or by using the StoryAnywhere App. We will also cover what information is required, how to investigate stories and how the investigation links to injury prevention by reviewing and updating the Risk Register, Safety Plans and identifying other tasks.

Story Telling – Stories Reporting & Reviewing.pdf

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

As business owners and managers we often forget the health and wellbeing part of health and safety. This includes things like mental health, workplace bullying and intimidation, fatigue, healthy eating and hydration and the effects of exposure to substances etc. All of this can significantly impact on productivity, the potential for poor decision making and injury, increased absenteeism etc.

This webinar discusses these issues and some simple strategies to help you improve health and wellbeing in your organisation.

Health & Wellbeing.pdf

General Discussion on Health, Safety & Wellness

This discussion focussed on ‘What does good look like?’ with input from all webinar participants.

There was good discussion around Wellness, People, Risk Management, Engagement and Culture.

The discussion generated a good mind map for use by clients. There is also an A-Z poster to be used by clients to generate discussions at Tool Box Meetings, and a list of sample Health, Safety and Wellness Questions.

H&S Wellness – A to Z Poster.pdf

H&S Wellness – Sample Survey Questions.pdf

Mental Health

This Webinar is on Mental Health Awareness. Mental illness is largely an unspoken health issue, but it’s very common. With one in six New Zealanders diagnosed with a common mental illness at some time in their lives, your employees are highly likely to be affected – directly or indirectly – by a mental health issue.

This Webinar explores what this can look like, how this issue might impact on your employees (and you) and business, and strategies and resources available to assist you to manage this.

Mental Health.pdf

Risk Management

A Focus on Managing Risk

Are you confused about what is the difference between a hazard and a risk? Are you unsure about the level of response required to manage a risk? Many people get a wide range of mixed messages from health and safety professionals, contractors, clients, peers and articles and end up being totally confused.

This Webinar explains the difference between hazard and a risk and how to develop an adequate response to manage it.

Risk Management.pdf

Failing Safely

This Webinar is on Failing Safely. This looks at Human and Organisational Performance. It’s not looking at the individual worker and worker behaviour, or at the system and human factors, it’s looking at the connection between the worker and the system and covers assumptions and what is wrong with traditional approaches to health and safety.

Failing Safely.pdf

Failing Safely – Episode 2

In the previous Webinar we talked about ‘Failing Safely’ – a new approach to health and safety. This month we will explore the practical ways you can make this philosophy work for your business, improving culture, behaviours and engagement.

Failing Safely – Part 2.pdf

Simple Steps to Manage Hazardous Substances in your Business

We have had several clients recently seek advice on how to safely manage hazardous substances in their business.

This Webinar will take you through some simple steps to meet both your legal requirements, and to keep your people safe. It will also introduce you to some great free resources now available through WorkSafeNZ to help on your journey.

Managing HSNO.pdf

JSA? SWMS? TA? SOP? – Making sense of it all!!

More and more businesses are asking for SOP’s, JSA’s, SWMS, TA’s etc., but there doesn’t seem to be any clear, consistent distinction made between them and it can be very confusing.
This Webinar clarifies what these mean and their benefits, what needs to be done to successfully complete them and the future of these type of documents.

JSA? SWMS? TA? SOP? – Making sense of it all.pdf

Contractor Management

Contractor Management Presentation

We often get questions from clients regarding managing the health and safety requirements of contractors and sub-contractors, who is responsible for what, and how far do we need to go.

This webinar answers those questions and provide clear guidelines on managing contractor health and safety in relation to the level of risk they present.

Contractor Management.pdf

Contractor Health & Safety Pre-Qualification

We have a lot of questions from clients regarding Health and Safety Pre-Qualification for Contractors (either for themselves as the Contractor, or from clients wanting to pre-qualify their Contractors).

This Webinar is designed to explain the purpose of Contractor Health and Safety Pre-Qualification, and provide tips on how to hopefully make it easy for you to complete the process.