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Health & Safety Management

Health and Safety Management

On 4th April 2016, the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 came into being.

It's a new way of thinking about Health and Safety. People need to get home safely so even if you are a small business, like a cafe or a hair salon for example, or are administration based, you still must have a relevant health and safety plan.

What do you need to do?

It will no longer be good enough to say "yes, we are doing things safely here". Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 you will need to be able to provide evidence that ...

All staff have been trained for the work they do and the risks involved


Any records of serious accidents, injuries and events are kept for 5 years



All staff have access to practical advice and information



Your equipment and work areas undergo regular checks and are safe


All staff are actively involved in Health and Safety matters



You have safety plans in place to do the work safely


Find out more about succeeding with your health and safety objectives?


Safety Management Systems

Your business, whether you work on a site or from the office, is all about people - their safety, their health and their wellbeing. Here at All About People we help you become a culture-change agent by working closely with you to minimise risks and match you up with the best possible service and solution. We give you the tools to help bring your whole team together for the same purpose.


Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSPs)

You value your employees, clients, contractors and visitors so developing, implementing and monitoring a Site Specific Safety Plan allows them to be protected from harm. And it makes good business sense as it’s likely to increase productivity and reduce the cost impact on your business of any downtime from employee injuries.


Event Management

You want to achieve the 'WOW' factor at your event and reduce the risk of an injury or incident occuring. Developing, implementing and monitoring an Event Specific Safety Plan makes good business sense. Your employees will feel more valued and your clients, contractors, vendors and visitors will be protected from harm.

See some of the Events we have worked on...

How investing in Health and Safety can improve your bottom line

Health and Safety is often viewed as an expense rather than an investment because it’s considered to be a cost of doing business – something we have to do to maintain 'compliance'.  But what if we rethink how we allocate resources to Health and Safety, and instead of viewing it as a cost, we consider it to be an investment that contributes to our bottom line?

Can good Health and Safety Systems actually provide a good return on investment?

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based Health and Safety Systems are just a better way of doing things. Find out more about how we deliver your solutions online.

Training your people

Training Your People

It is critically important to ensure your staff are trained and engaged with an increased awareness and enthusiasm for health and safety. NZTE funding may be available.

Safety Plans

Safety Plans

Find out more about our tailored Health and Safety Plans regardless of your organisation's size or preparedness.

Specialist Expertise Health and Safety

Specialist Expertise

Sometimes our clients need expertise outside our day to day product offerings. We are able to draw on our experience to add more value to your business.

Michelle Macdonald Health and Safety


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